MemoFlash for users


The web site:

What can we do on the MemoFlash web site?

You can:

Why create an account on the MemoFlash web site?

The account allows us to recognize you to give you access to your own content.

Why can paid topics not be bought from the web site?

It is under study. For now, paid topics can only be bought by in app purchase in the mobile apps. It is simple and reliable.

How to get my custom topics in the mobile app?

Just click on 'sync my custom topics' in the mobile app. You will then be able to study your custom topics on the mobile app. Likewise, topics downloaded from the mobile app will be available on the web site.

Can we use the web site with a smartphone or a tablet?

Yes, the web site uses responsive design for smartphones and tablets, but to create cards, a portable, desktop PC or Mac is more comfortable.

The mobile app

For which platforms is it available?

The MemoFlash app is free and available for iOS and Android.

Do I need to create an account to use the mobile app?

No. The mobile app is entirely usable without an account. An account gives access to additional services, like the ability to sync your topics with the web.

Can I get the content I already downloaded from the web in the mobile app?

Yes. Once you have created an account, you can sync your content.

If I uninstall the mobile app or if I get a new terminal, will I recover the topics that I have bought?

Yes, but only provided you use the same mobile account (apple ID or Google Play account).