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Tenses - Kwéyòl to English


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Indicates an action is taking place at present time. Placed before the verb

Indicates that an action will take place at some point in the future. (Mon ké maché) I will walk

Té- indicates past tense. Action already happened. (Mwen té maché)

Indicates past tense. Action already happened.

(Mwen té maché - I walked)

Té ka

Indicates a action was in process of taking place. Equivalent of “was” and “were” in English.

(Mon té ka maché -  I was walking.)


Indicates something that has already happened.

Placed in front of the verb marker.

(Ou ja pati - you already left.)

(Ou ja sav sa - you already know that.)

Té ké 

Indicates something you would do, or you would have done. Usually used when a certain condition isn’t met.

(Mon té ké maché, si bòs-la pa té vini - I would have walked if the bus didn’t come.)


Contracted form of “ka alé” means “going to”

(mon k’ay desann bodlanmè -  I’m going to go down by the bay/sea.)